A new Children’s book Collection based on True Stories dating back over 100 years.

Two books are available now, Eugenia Hunts for Gemstones and Eugenia and the Christmas Dress

About the Author & the Characters


When Jasmine was a little girl, her favorite place at school was the library. She loved learning the Dewey Decimal System to find books on the shelves and using the bookmark system to hold my space while she decided if the book she was browsing was the one she would check out. It felt important to check out a book and to return it when she was done.


Eugenia is a curious, imaginative, and playful little girl. She is always brave enough to try new things, (even if she is scared). Eugenia is friendly to everyone she meets and loves to learn about new adventures through reading books and then trying them out for herself.


Mama is an independent thinker who finds joy in adventures and helping her daughter learn through her own curiosity. She knows the best way for Eugenia to learn new things, is by trying new things, so she provides as many opportunities as possible to make new experiences happen. Mama teaches Eugenia about her family history so that she will be able to pass on special memories and traditions to her own children one day.

Thank you!

Book #2

The second Kickstarter was 106% funded. Books will be going to print in September and will be ready for delivery by Christmas!

Thank you!

The first Kickstarter for Eugenia Hunts for Gemstones was a success. Every pre-order helped get this book to print day!

The Big Review!


I loved your book & am excited for the 2nd one. I ordered 2 so my daughter could have one as well. She’s getting her Masters in Children’s literature and I believe you will be an inspiration to her. Lots of love.


Forever Young

The book left me feeling happy. The grandkids were asking many questions so I know they were involved. They asked to read it again later that day.

Pete J

Magical & Colorful.

As I flipped through this book I found my smile growing with each turn of the page πŸ™‚

My excitement boiled the closer Eugenia got to her finding her own Gemstones and then I found myself cradled by the joy and love Eugenia and Mama share for each other.

My heart is full, warm, and ready for Eugenia’s next adventure.

Thank you for this story, I can’t wait to share with my kids one day πŸ˜€



Such a beautiful story. Children will love the love in the story and the learning too! My mother loved the desert.

Roxann M

A gem of a book!

I loved Eugenia Hunts for Gemstones! The story is educational and original. Eugenia’s mother is teaching her daughter to find beauty in things that don’t seem to be valuable at first sight. Eugenia is encouraged to play and feel free in the natural world with a mother who keeps close tabs and assures her of the love a child needs. It’s a message all children need to hear. And, the art is gorgeous. Every page is a color-filled delight. Kudos!

Deborah Hall

One of a kind πŸ™‚

You have created something very special.


It’s taken a long time for this book to arrive. I am grateful you have taken the time to leave your review. Fingers crossed you loved it.

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XOXO, Jasmine

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