The desert is full of treasures.

Eugenia Hunts for Gemstones

Eugenia is a curious little girl who loves to learn.  She looks forward to trying new things and sharing them with friends like you.  In this book, you can spend the day hunting for gemstones in the desert with us.  You will learn what kind of pie is Eugenia’s favorite, how to tumble gemstones, and what kind of special sandwiches she loves to eat!

life is about giving.

Eugenia and the Christmas Dress

In this book, Eugenia meets some new friends. She learns that her new friends do not have mamas like she does, and she helps Mama and Grandma together bring some extra Christmas joy to their home.

About the Author & the Characters


When Jasmine was a little girl, her favorite place at school was the library. She loved learning the Dewey Decimal System. Using a bookmark to “hold her spot” in the book shelves, writing her name on the card, and waiting for the librarian to stamp it felt important. Her children’s books are based on stories she heard growing up about her grandma and her family. The characters in the books are based on her grandmother at different ages in her life. The reader will get to know Eugenia as a child, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. As the collection grows so will the bond between the new characters that are introduced.


Eugenia is based on Jasmine’s grandmother as a child. She was known to be extremely curious, imaginative, and a playful little girl. She was busy trying new things, even if she was a little scared. She was a leader when it came to encouraging her friends to be brave too. She was friendly to everyone she met and made herself comfortable in new company, asking questions about their own lives. She enjoyed school and was quick to catch on to what was being taught.


Mama is based on Jasmine’s grandmother as a young woman. Before starting her own family, Mama won beauty contests and spent her evenings dancing, one of her favorite things to do. She was an independent thinker who found joy in adventures and helping her family as often as possible. Although life was not always the way she had thought it would be, she found ways to provide for her family. She managed a sundry store on the east coast before moving west. Shortly after she arrived, she painted a sign and placed it in front of her house, where she opened a successful small business for over 40 years.


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